Atlanta ID Group is at the forefront of real world applications of potential new treatments for HIV/AIDS and is known throughout Georgia as a leader in HIV care. We are active investigators in HIV clinical trials. To read more about our current studies, click here.


Infectious Diseases

We provide comprehensive infectious diseases care for all types of infections including skin infections (cellulitis and abscesses), pneumonia, bone infections (osteomyelitis), joint infections, sinusitis (both acute and chronic), and HIV care.


IV Antibiotics

Atlanta ID Group provides a fully staffed IV infusion center at both our Atlanta and Fayetteville offices. We are able to provide both in office and outpatient IV antibiotic therapy.

 Atlanta ID Group Wound Therapy

Travel Medicine

We provide post-travel follow-up for travel related illnesses.  For pre-travel immunizations we refer patients to our affiliated Peachtree Travel Clinic. Peachtree Travel Clinic offers pre-travel consultation, evaluation, vaccinations and for business and personal travel abroad. For your convenience we treat individuals, familys, groups, and organizations.

Our Doctors

Dr. Melina Diaz
Melina Diaz, MD


Dr. Ameera Sidiqqi, Atlanta ID Group Fayetteville Infectious Disease
Ameera Siddiqi, MD