Dr Ketterer to ride for HIV/AIDS

Daniel Ketterer, a Piedmont infectious disease doctor who specializes in AIDS treatment, is embarking on a journey that will take him more than 700 miles on his bike for a great cause. Dr. Ketterer is participating in the Atlanta AIDS Vaccine 200 in late May and the AIDS/LifeCycle Race in California, which will take him another 545 miles, two weeks later. “Both of these rides symbolize how far we have come in the treatment of HIV, as well as how much work we have to do to not only cure the disease but also eliminate the social stigma associated with having HIV,” Ketterer said.

The combined 745 miles during the nine-day span will be the most Ketterer has ever attempted. You can donate to Dr. Ketterer’s race efforts, which will go directly toward vaccine research and centers that provide AIDS treatment and education services to prevent transmission.

AV200: http://bit.ly/AV200DrDan
AIDS Lifecycle Race: http://bit.ly/AIDSLifecycleDrDan